4 Tips for Running a Quick Background Check Online

In certain cases, background checks are essential so that particular parties can protect themselves from others if dishonesty is a possibility. However, a full online background check can be quite pricey if you’re using a commercial company to assist you. These are 4 tips for running an online background check that will show you exactly what a person is like and what they’ve been through in the past.Google is Your Friend You probably use Google for everything from looking up the phone number to your favorite Chinese restaurant to finding out how to treat a stain in the carpet. However, many are unaware that Google is also useful for performing mild background checks on people. Simply type in a person’s full name as well as any other pertinent information to begin crawling the web for background information. If the person has a relatively strong presence on the internet (uses social networking or has made accounts on many different websites), it shouldn’t be too hard to find relative information. The more relevant information you can include in your search terms, the better.

Make Use of Social Networking

Using social networking to perform an online background check is another popular avenue that people seek to dig up any appropriate information on a person in question. Navigate to the most popular social networking sites and search for these people using their names and locations. In some cases, people leave their social profiles unprotected so that anybody can land on them and snoop. You can spend some time reading through social updates or looking through photos to get an idea of what you’re dealing with.

Use Local Court Websites

In some jurisdictions, it is legal to release court records pertaining to residents in that area. When conducting your online background check, use your local court website to search the names of any relevant individuals for background information concerning any legal cases. However, remember that the information provided on these sites is only restricted to that area. For example, if you search for a Tom Smith in Los Angeles using a court website, you will only receive criminal information about Tom Smith that was logged in Los Angeles. There will still be the remaining chance that there are other criminal records tied to John Smith and other parts of the country or world.

Go Commercial

Lastly, go commercial with your online background check if you have to. Many companies will provide full background reports for individuals based on the fees assessed. There are very few online background check sites that operate for free, but they are few and far between. Before your conduct an online background check with a commercial site, be sure you understand exactly what you’ll be getting so that you don’t overpay.